Biometric Dead Bolt Locks

Deadbolts are often considered to be the better lock on a standard door. They are much harder to break open and are therefore found on most doors. Why not secure your home even more and invest in a Biometric dead bolt keyless door lock? These use the fingerprint system – but are designed with a pin pad deadbolt for extra security.

The fingerprint dead bolt keyless door lock is designed with a protective cover that slide over the pad. This is used to protect the scanner from weather damage and any impact that might come into contact with it. To turn the scanner on you only have to lift the cover and it will run your fingerprint.

These locks have been designed with the aid of security firms and locksmiths. Many brands have been tested several times to ensure that they are near to impossible to break open. They have a sleek design that makes them far from tacky – but with a security that you can trust.

Most will come in various finishes to match your door and allow it to blend in better. The lock is designed to fit most standard deadbolt holes without the need to spend more money in modifying the door. In fifteen minutes you can install the lock yourself with nothing more than a screwdriver. No extra money is needed to call a locksmith.

The Biometric deadbolt lock is perfect to use on both residential homes and businesses. More than ninety-nine fingerprints are able to be stored into the system at one time. The system makes it easy for you to input a new fingerprint and to delete it when it is no longer necessary.

You no longer have to fear losing your keys or misplacing them. All you have to do is place your finger on the screen, allow it to scan, and it will unlock the door immediately. This will cost between $250 to $300.