Fingerprint Door Locks

In this day and age technology is used in nearly every aspect of our lives. So why should it be different when it comes to the way that we access our homes or business? One of the most popular keyless door locks is the one that requires the use of a fingerprint in order to open. This uses some of the most innovative technology and is designed as a single or double latch.

This lock is able to be installed on the majority of standard pre cut doors. It is so easy to install and to use that you do not have to spend more money in calling a locksmith or make any alterations to the door. It is designed to be stylish and comes with a built in fingerprint keypad lock with a sliding front cover to prevent any weather damage.

When the protective cover is down the scanner will shut off and will turn back on again when the cover is lifted back up again. Most systems are designed to hold as much as ninety-nine fingerprints at a time. You will have the option of creating fingerprints for administrators, users, or guests.

This allows people who are staying for only a few days to gain access to your home when needed but the system will delete it when it reached the date you have entered. In other words the fingerprint will expire and free up more space for other visitors.

With this type of lock you will no longer have to worry about making keys for your children or accidentally locking them inside of your house. If they are stolen your home will be safe and you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars in changing out all the locks.

All you have to do is place your finger on the scanner and the door will unlock immediately. The body of the lock is made with stainless steel to hold up against whatever the weather holds and can absorb high impacts from things. It will not corrode or fade and usually comes with a one to two year warranty. Most fingerprint door locks will cost around $400.