Keypad Door Locks

As cool as it would be to have a lock that opens at the touch of our finger (literally) for some of us this is too complicated to install and too expensive to make it practical. Instead we need something that is going to secure our home, be easy to install, and not cost us a fortune.

The keypad door locks are the most popular and easy to use keyless door locks. These are designed with a lever spring latch that will secure the door and keep intruders from coming in without the right combination. To open the door you only have to punch in the code and push down on the handle. It is that simple.

The door is able to be opened from the inside at any time. During the daytime you will enable the passage function. To do this you will type in the combination you have designated touch the ‘Y’ button and the lock will be set to allow people inside. At night when you are not expecting anyone to come home you will press the ‘Y’ button and the lever will lock into place. People on the outside will have no access even if they know the code.

The majority of these keyless door locks work best on single prep doors or door that have only one pre drilled holes on the front of the door. These locks are designed with a high quality and high grade finish that makes them durable and able to handle the outside elements. These are able to be placed on an existing lock with a 2 to 1/8” hole where the old lock was.

Follow the instructions to learn how you can install these in a matter of minutes and without having to spend more money on a locksmith. The combination can be changed at any time. You no longer have to fear losing your keys or locking yourself out. These locks can also be installed on cabinets or doors on the inside of a home or business. It costs around $100.